At the American Clinic Warsaw we offer outstanding medical care services. The standards set by us are more than just technologically advanced equipment, specialistic team, and comfortable interiors.

The American Clinic Warsaw is a place with unique healthcare standards. This means that a patient from every part of the world can feel comfortable as at a local clinic. The staff speaks fluent English, medical documentation is translated to English upon request, and every patient has a dedicated nurse and a Personal Administrative Guardian.

Experienced doctors

The team of doctors at the American Clinic Warsaw includes 16 recognized experts with impressive achievements and experience gained both in Poland and abroad. All the doctors are proficient in foreign languages, which eliminates barriers to communication with international patients. Our medical staff is in constant contact with specialists of the University of Chicago Medicine, which allows them to make the fastest and most accurate diagnosis and apply the most appropriate treatment.



Everything in one place: doctors’ offices, diagnostics, laboratory, pharmacy, and modern hospital. There is no need any more to perform examinations in different institutions and at different times – now everything is available on site in American Clinic Warsaw. This guarantees both saving your time and great convenience.


Our patients are taken care of by a team of excellent Polish physicians and recognised foreign specialists. Upon patient’s request, we provide an additional consultation at a selected overseas institution which specialises in the disease. In this way our patients gain an additional warranty of their medical safety.


We accept insurance policies and healthcare packages from all over the world. The patients who have foreign insurance can use our services as part of their insurance policy. We deal with formalities, mediate in financial settlements with insurance companies, and collect all documentation. This creates an additional benefit for our patients who do not have to worry about looking after the details.

Professor Mirosław Dziuk

Internist and cardiologist

Professor Miroslaw Dziuk is specialized in the field of nuclear medicine. In 1999 he received his MD PhD title, and in 2005 he gained the next level of academic excellence (in Poland – “habilitation”) with a dissertation entitled “The assessment of risk of cardiovascular events, based on scintigraphy and computed tomography.” He had his academic training at the Department of Nuclear Medicine at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in Great Britain, where he obtained the degree of Master of Science with Merit. He participated in many training courses, including one at the Centre of PET/CT at the University Hospital in Zurich, finished by obtaining the European Certificate of 2nd degree, qualifying for the evaluation of the PET/CT in accordance with the recommendations of international scientific societies. Currently, he is head of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Military Institute of Medicine. He is the deputy editor of “Nuclear Medicine Review” and author of numerous publications on the diagnosis of cancer and cardiovascular disease. He is an experienced doctor who cares about the health of the patient, building a relationship based on partnership and trust.

We accept insurance policies from around the world


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