Diagnostic services

Diagnostics is extremely important for the assessment of a patient’s condition and effective therapy, as the treatment method chosen by the doctor largely depends on test results they receive. The American Clinic Warsaw stands apart from other clinics due to the comprehensiveness of its medical care and its 24/7 access to state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory facilities. At the patient’s request, their entire medical documentation can be translated into English, enabling them to fully understand their diagnosis and therapy so that they feel safe and at ease in our care.

Laboratory diagnostics

  • analytical tests: morphology, concentration of electrolytes, cholesterol level
  • allergy tests: oral, inhaled and mixed panels
  • bacteriological tests (cultures)
  • tumor markers – diagnostic tests for cancer
  • serological tests – blood group tests, antibodies in pregnant women
  • biochemical studies – enzymes, hormones, proteins, electrolytes and trace elements in the body

Biochemical tests

  • diagnostics of anemia
  • diagnostics of thyroid disease
  • diagnostics of diabetes
  • diagnostics of infections
  • diagnostics of blood diseases*
  • sexual and metabolic hormones

*diagnostics of blood diseases and hematopoietic diseases
(hematologic tests and blood coagulation markers)
– biopsy and histopathological evaluation of bone marrow
– biopsy and histopathological evaluation of lymph node
– trepanobiopsy with histopathological evaluation of bone marrow

Diagnostic imaging

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