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At the American Clinic Warsaw you will stay under the best care of experienced and respected specialists. We will devote to you as much of our time as you need, and we will take care of your health in a comprehensive way. We value our patients’ time.


The team of physicians is composed of specialists who are ready to help our patients in the most difficult cases, supported by the resources and facilities of the American Clinic Warsaw.

General internal medicine specialistGeneral internal medicine specialist

A general internal medicine (GIM) specialist recommends preventive measures, issues diagnoses, and treats internal diseases. In their everyday work, GIM specialists make diagnoses, conduct therapy, and supervise the treatment and progress of their patients. During a GIM consultation, the doctor will take the patient’s details, give them a medical examination, and arrange any necessary additional examinations they require (e.g. laboratory tests). GIM specialists closely cooperate with other specialists at the American Clinic Warsaw, ensuring the comprehensiveness of the services they provide.

Conditions treated by GIM specialists at the American Clinic Warsaw include:

  • immune system and respiratory tract infections (e.g. the common cold, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, etc.)
  • problems with internal organs (e.g. kidneys, abdominal cavity organs, etc.)
  • urinary tract infections (e.g. renal colic, urinary tract infections, etc.)
  • circulatory system diseases (e.g. arterial hypertension)
  • metabolic disorders (e.g. diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, etc.)
  • diseases of the osteoarticular system (e.g. degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)
  • allergies caused by various factors


A cardiologist is a specialist that treats defects and diseases related to the heart and the cardiovascular system. Patients treated by cardiologists at the American Clinic Warsaw have access to full cardiovascular care, from screening tests, to invasive examinations and treatment, to advanced cardiac surgical procedures.

The resources and facilities of the American Clinic Warsaw support the following cardiac surgical procedures: repair and replacement of the mitral and aortic valve, ascending aorta and aortic arch aneurysm surgeries, treatment of thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary embolism, and operative pericardial disease treatment.


Gynaecologists working at the American Clinic Warsaw deal with issues related to the female body, in particular the female reproductive system. They specialise in treating women of all ages, whether that is teenagers, pregnant women, or even women who have entered menopause and the age of maturity. Gynaecologists can provide treatment for problems such as dysmenorrhoea and inflammations of the vagina, as well as give advice on and provide solutions for issues such as contraception and infertility.

Women planning a pregnancy can benefit from the care of obstetricians, who will ensure the health and safety of mother and child from the prenatal to postnatal stage. During their pregnancy, future mothers will have access to ultrasound examinations as well as additional prenatal tests at the American Clinic Warsaw.


A child’s health is the most important thing for every parent in the world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid every disease and ailment. Therefore, parents are advised to have a place where their child can obtain medical assistance quickly. At the American Clinic Warsaw, an experienced paediatrician is available every day to help parents, and surgeons, laryngologists, cardiologists, orthopaedists, neurologists, as well as diabetologists and dieticians are at parents service if need be. Each of them will provide the little patient with gentle care and expert assistance.

We guarantee the care of our little patients during childhood diseases, such as respiratory and urinary tract infections, allergies, pyrexia, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. We also take care of healthy children by providing vaccinations and conducting child and adolescent screening tests.

Thanks to the hospital’s resources and facilities, we are able to perform the most specialist diagnostic tests and provide top-quality hospitalisation conditions for children so that they are safe and cared for in a friendly environment.


An appointment with a urologist sometimes requires overcoming psychological as well as physical barriers. The fear is absolutely unjustified, as the disease can be cured entirely if it is diagnosed at an early stage. A urologist treats genitourinary tract diseases, inflammations, incontinence, infections, impotence, cancer, and other disorders. At the American Clinic, doctors analyse the functioning of the genitourinary tract and decide on a conservative treatment or surgery. They run comprehensive state‑of‑the‑art prostate cancer diagnostics and also carry out non-invasive diagnostics. If necessary, the proximity and functionality of the Medicover Hospital facilities allow many surgeries to be performed, including Robotic HIFU, an innovative prostate cancer treatment procedure that uses ultrasonic waves.

The team of urologists at the American Clinic also performs:

  • Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
  • Penile implant surgeries
  • 4Kscore prostate cancer risk tests


The team of nurses consists of people with appropriate certification and long experience, including foreign patient care. Medical best practices and a great deal of empathy and understanding meet here, which translates into a comfortable stay for our patients.

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