Vaccines help the body to strengthen its resistance by producing the right kind and number of antibodies. Modern vaccines are safe and effective. Administering a few dozes at the same time will not overstrain a person’s immune system, even a child’s. Viral infections that arise after the vaccine has been administered have much milder symptoms and the risk of complications is minimal. The purpose of vaccinations is not only to protect people’s health but to prevent infectious diseases and minimise the serious social effects of epidemics.

It is a good idea to check which vaccinations can help your family members in the fight against ever-present viruses.

It is particularly important to ensure that all children receive vaccinations (in accordance with the schedule of obligatory and recommended vaccinations) as well as pregnant women. Infections caused by the Hepatitis B virus are the most dangerous. Others include smallpox, influenza, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, and mumps. It is a good idea to consider these vaccines even when you are planning parenthood – the number of doses and how they function varies depending on the type of pathogen you vaccinate against.

It is a good idea to think about getting vaccinated before you go away on holiday. Vaccinations against yellow fever are obligatory when travelling to most African and South American countries. It is recommended that you get the vaccination for so-called food hepatitis (type A) and serum hepatitis (type B).

Dangerous bacteria and viruses can also be caught in Poland. Apart from the threat of jaundice in Poland, other high risk factors should be considered, in particular contact with ticks carrying tick-borne encephalitis, which attacks the nervous system. The most effective method of preventing tick-borne encephalitis is having a full cycle of vaccinations (3 doses).

To learn more about these threats and obligatory vaccinations, please make an appointment at the American Clinic Warsaw by calling 500 900 904.

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