Motivate yourself to change to a healthier lifestyle in five steps

“This time I’ll really try”, “I’ll start tomorrow… on Monday… when the New Year comes…” – how many times have you tried to lose that extra weight, eat healthy, and exercise regularly? Have you failed miserably in all of your attempts so far? Do you want it to be different this time? Learn five ways to motivate yourself and make it easier to stick to your resolutions. But this time don’t wait to do it – act now!

Screening – the secret to staying healthy

The fairly mysterious notion of Total Health Screening has lately become popular thanks to Ewa Chodakowska. The well-known trainer decided to take preventive healthcare seriously and “screen” her entire body from head to toe, promoting health prevention among her fans. What does this “screening” involve and why is it important to get examined even when you feel just fine?

Everything you need to know about the prostate

Prostate cancer is now known as the second most common cancer among men. Since 1980 the incidence of this cancer has increased several-fold. Today, around 10,000 new cases are diagnosed in Poland every year, with 4,000 Poles dying of it each year. However, there is also good news. There are a number of different tests that allow the development of the disease to be detected up to 20 years in advance.

Paediatric plastic surgery – whim or necessity?

Plastic surgery performed on children? “Whim”, “dangerous fashion”, and “impulse decision” are comments that you are often likely to encounter on this topic. Are such procedures mere whims of the parents and their loved ones, or perhaps truly necessary?

Six effective ways to fight snoring

Chronic fatigue, irritation, hostility, poor performance at work, and difficulty concentrating – these can all be caused by snoring, which scientists estimate 45% of us deal with. Although it’s often the topic of jokes, it’s actually a serious problem, as it usually occurs along with sleep apnoea, which increases the risk of diseases of the heart and the circulatory system, diabetes, and even strokes. If someone close to you is complaining about your snoring, see what you can do about it.

Do you have a headache again? Make sure your sinuses are healthy!

Have you been having headaches lately? You may think it’s just another migraine or that it’s because of stress, lack of sleep, or even from sleeping too much! You should look for the ‘culprit’ somewhere else. Headaches are one of the symptoms of sinusitis and it is estimated that as many as 5 million Poles suffer from it. How can you tell if you do too?

Barotrauma – an underwater condition

Fabulous coral reefs, shoals of exotic fish shimmering with colours, mysterious sunken shipwrecks… Aren’t you tempted to see this underwater world? Be careful: if you have a deflected nasal septum or sinus troubles, think twice before you decide to go even a few metres underwater. You had better check if your health will allow you to go diving first.

When a kid’s ears stick out

Protruding ears are not a problem for children until other kids start making jokes about them. Nasty nicknames can really hurt kids and lower their self-confidence. So if a child is complaining about their ears, we should listen to them. There are several ways to make things better.

Urinary incontinence: An embarrassing problem that can be cured

According to the statistics, urinary incontinence is a problem that affects 25% of women. However, doctors stress that this number can actually be higher, since many ladies do not speak openly about it. Have you had problems with it? There’s nothing to be ashamed of – just consult a doctor. This condition can be treated in numerous ways. One of the latest treatment methods, for example, applies… Botox.

Troublesome tonsils

Does your child catch infections frequently, snore, or hear badly? This may be caused by the tonsils. Do you need to remove them? Many parents are afraid of this procedure because of a number of myths that have grown around it. This’s why we check if there’s cause for concern.



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