Be a man, take care of yourself

Bądź mężczyzną dbaj o siebieAre you thirty- or forty-something? And you certainly think that health problems should not bother you yet. Well, you are wrong – this is exactly the age when men may experience increased risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes and cardiac infarct. There is no need to panic, though – instead, insert preventive medical examination to your calendar.

Do you know your level of cholesterol? And your blood-glucose level? And you don’t even remember when you took your electrocardiogram. You did notice though, that walking upstairs gets more and more tiring, and the letters in your newspaper are somewhat unclear. You think it is just due to fatigue, don’t you? And when was the last time that you have actually visited the doctor?

Don’t wait until your health is ruined

“I don’t have time this week”, „Today I’m too tired” – such excuses could be multiplied endlessly. Where does this male aversion to visiting the doctor come from? Some men believe that taking care of one’s health is so unmanly. Others fear that they might hear an unpleasant diagnosis – and yet, burying your head in the sand won’t help at all. Quite the opposite – the longer you delay, the lesser your chances for effective treatment, if something is really wrong with you.

One more popular excuse is “But I feel good.” We believe that since nothing hurts us, we are quite all right. – This is a serious mistake, because many illnesses at their early stage do not give any noticeable, or painful symptoms. This is the case, for example, with diabetes or some of the neoplasms. Also cardiac infarct may occur suddenly, without any symptoms noticeable for the patent before – says Mieczysław Kopacz, MD, PhD, specialist in internal diseases and cardiology from the Medicover Hospital. That is why regular examination is of key importance, because the earlier the disease is discovered, the faster the treatment can be started. For this reason, it is also better not to  postpose your consultation with the doctor, when something is already wrong with us. – There are many men who prefer to clench their teeth and wait until “it goes away by itself”. Every kind of undiagnosed ailment, or ailments of unknown cause that keep on returning – such as recurring headache, pain in your chest, weakness, nosebleed, unjustified changes of weight – should be treated as an alarm signal. This also applies to ailments that occur for the first time, but last for more than a few days. In such case it is also a good idea to seek medical assistance in order to specify their reason and exclude sometimes serious diseases  – stresses Mieczysław Kopacz, MD, PhD, from the Medicover Hospital.

Time for survey

Some men admit that they do not undergo medical check-ups because they simply don’t know what tests should be done. So, which of them should be remembered about, if we want to control our heath condition? First of all, blood should be tested once a year. The results of such tests give us plenty precious data, among others, about glucose level, cholesterol level, competence of our kidneys, function of liver and thyroid, as well as hormonal balance of our body. It is also a good idea to run an electrocardiogram and test your urea, as well as check your eyesight. Cancer prevention is also of great importance.

And yet, how can we remember about all those tests and find time to undergo them? Healthcare centers suggest an answer to this question. – In out hospital we conduct the so called health condition  screening, that is a comprehensive survey, owing to which we are able to notice the onset of diseases, and even occurrence of certain genetic tendencies – says Marta Kunkel, MD, specialist in endocrinology from the Medicover Hospital. Such examinations allow for detailed evaluation of health condition and are recommended to all men after 35th – 40th year of life. By means of advanced methods, we are able to control the condition of the patient’s hearth, coronary vessels, respiratory and urinal/reproductive system. This allows us to evaluate the threat of occurrence of a series of diseases, including cerebral stroke, cardiac infarct, atherosclerosis or diabetes. In this way, it is also possible to detect early neoplastic lesions, which are usually manifested only when the disease is already at an advanced stage and its effective treatment becomes problematic. – We are aware of the fact that most of our patients are the persons with  a very busy schedule, and that is why all the tests are conducted in one place, in luxurious conditions and last for eight hours at most. Owing to this fact, you don’t have to be afraid that it will be necessary to withdraw  from your professional or family life for a longer time – says Mieczysław Kopacz, MD, PhD from the Medicover Hospital.

Stress, being always in a hurry, irregular meals – leading such a mode of life can make us quickly forget about our own health. What is the effect of this? The Polish men not only live shorter than the Polish women, but they also die earlier than other Europeans. One of the reasons of this state of affairs is avoiding of regular medical check-ups. For your own sake, it is better not to disregard them, since regular check-ups can protect us from numerous serious diseases.



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